You're In It All

Written to Speak Blog.  Written by Tanner Olson. @writtentospeak

Written to Speak Blog.
Written by Tanner Olson.

You’re In It All



I am one of the few who never wants to say goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall.

But change is near. 

Change is always near and it cannot be stopped.
And I’m beginning to see that’s a good thing. 
I don’t think God is in the business of keeping things the same. 

I’ve yet to find one of His creations that has stayed the way it was when it first came to be. 

You and I.
Trees and flowers.
Otters and lions. 
Talents and cities and inventions.
Even rocks chip and crack and change. 

Restoration requires change.
Growth requires change.
Seasons require change. 

Change is part of living.

and I’m trying to remember that through it all,
spring to fall
and the months and moments between
You’re in it all. “

He’s in it all.

He’s in the change, even though He stays the same.
He is the constant in the change.
He is part of the becoming. 
And we are becoming.

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much love,

tanner olson
written to speak


Tanner Olson


Tanner Olson is a writer, speaker, poet, spoken-word artist, & creator of Written to Speak.
He created Written to Speak to share hope & announce love.

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