Fall is Coming

Written to Speak Blog.  Written by Tanner Olson. @writtentospeak

Written to Speak Blog.
Written by Tanner Olson.

Fall is Coming



One of the reasons I write is to travel back in time to relive the moments that once kept me alive. My mind constantly finds itself going back to summer in the 1990s. 

My summers as a child were nothing short of perfect.

Under the sun we would ride our bikes in the street, spend afternoons at the beach, and have sleepovers every other night.

We discovered freedom and ran with it until our lungs collapsed.
We found dirt under our fingernails and washed our hands clean in the chlorine water of backyard pools.
We stumbled upon peace in the promises of our parents that we could stay up until 10 PM. 

“I know summer won’t last forever and fall is coming, but it’s not here yet. 
And tonight, we’ll press play on old summer nights.
re-living the moments we can’t get back, the moments we desperately want to get back.

And tonight you’ll find us around the fire while we sit with whiskey to sip as we have a serious summer talk about what was and what could be and how we used to eat peanut butter and blackberry jam sandwiches below the sun.
Old friends talking about what only old friends could know.
And it’s good to be known. “

Somewhere deep within me believes that Heaven will be like the summers of my childhood. 
And I hope I’m right.
I hope I’m right.

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much love,

tanner olson
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Tanner Olson


Tanner Olson is a writer, speaker, poet, spoken-word artist, & creator of Written to Speak.
He created Written to Speak to share hope & announce love.

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