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you are stronger than you think
you are stronger than you feel
you are stronger than before
you are stronger than you know

After writing the above words I wondered if they were true.
And I wonder if they are true for you.

I scribbled them down while our Pastor was speaking about finding our strength in the Lord.
And I know that’s where our strength is found.

And so I started writing.

Maybe I wrote these words for myself.

Maybe I wrote them for you.

These words don’t wow me in the least.
They have potential to fall flat or move your eyes to roll up into the back of your head.
I’m sure you can find similar sayings like this in Hobby Lobby and Target.

But these words aren’t empty.

And they aren’t false.

And they aren’t flashy.

However, they are true.

I do believe you are stronger than you think.

… than you feel.

… than before.

… than you know.

You are.

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