new year. clean hands.


Midnight came and brought with it a new year.
I kissed my wife, pet our friends’ dog, and then went to the bathroom.
I didn’t need to use the restroom, I just needed to wash my hands.
I wanted to start the new year with clean hands.
Washing away what was, preparing them for what will come.
And there is much to come.

.. .. ..

I’m not sure my heart or mind can hold the beauty of the truth that spins and digs within, but I refuse to ignore or dismiss what keeps me going.
Deep within echo beautiful promises that God offers His people.
Promises of hope and joy and love.
Promises of kindness and honor and care.
Promises of grace and mercy.
Promises of forgiveness and forever.
These are the promises I am carrying with me through today and into tomorrow.
I’m carrying these promises in clean hands knowing what He has for me is better than I’ll ever fully understand.

.. .. ..

There is much to come.
Let’s keep going.
Let’s keep going together.

Much love,

Written to Speak

.. .. ..

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