Jorts ( Official Video Release)

Written to Speak Blog.  Written by Tanner Olson. @writtentospeak

Written to Speak Blog.
Written by Tanner Olson.




Growing up I wanted to be many things, but one of the things I wanted to be was a comedian.
I like to make people laugh. Or at least try to make them laugh. 

In school I focused more on making jokes than learning.
After school I would watch comedy specials and listen to comedy albums in my bedroom, thinking maybe one day I’d be on stage telling jokes. 

But somewhere along the way I stopped trying to be a comedian and started writing poetry.

When I started writing poetry my writings were serious. Maybe I was trying to prove that the guy who was “always joking around” could also be serious.

The words on the page mirrored my thoughts and feelings, but rarely did the words reflect my desire to make people laugh and smile. 

And that needed to change. 

In the last two years I started writing my style of poetry.

I’ve been told that it takes a while for writers to “find their voice”. 

And I think I’ve finally found mine.

I want to blend faith, humor, and wondering into my words, to take all that is heavy and all that is light and offer the listener something from the heart. 

But I also want to have fun and be dumb.

So I wrote a poem called Jorts.

And yes, this is a joke. 

“I don’t need shoes today.
Only a tank-top and cut off jean shorts.

Not jorts. 
They’re cut off jean shorts. 
Don’t call them jorts. 
I used scissors to create these cut off jean shorts.
I guess I’m a designer of sorts.
I guess I’m a designer of cut off jean shorts.”

Thanks to @adamfricke for making this video.
Thanks to @mattydoering for putting music to this poem.

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much love,

tanner olson
written to speak




Tanner Olson is a writer, speaker, poet, spoken-word artist, & creator of Written to Speak.
He created Written to Speak to share hope & announce love.

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