All Things

Written to Speak Daily Blog. Written by Tanner Olson.

Written to Speak Daily Blog. Written by Tanner Olson.

most days you'll need a cup of coffee and an open Bible
and you'll need to get a refill on both

some days you just need to be reminded
that today is another day.

and you'll need to do things
to remind yourself that
you're you and
you're alive to live.

but everyday
we will need each other
and we will need
to be reminded that
we aren't alone.

written to speak // blog // @writtentospeak

written to speak // blog // @writtentospeak

. . . .

Three years ago I released my second album titled ‘All Things.’

15 tracks.

51 minutes.

I wrote this album while living alone in the woods in Wisconsin.

And the words reflect the state of living I was in.
Darkness with glimmers of light.
Light with waves of darkness.
This album is nostalgic and reflective.

It’s young and hopeful, like a baby learning how to walk.
It’s a start, but far from the end, like a baby learning how to fall and get back up again.

It’s an album I am proud of, but an early step in a long writing journey.

.. .. ..

There are a few poems on this album that I am very proud of.

King David’ will always hold a special place in my journal. It is one of those poems I read and know it isn’t finished and never will be, but one I still don’t know how to finish.

‘Trees’ is one of my favorite poems I’ve ever written. These words were a light in a dark place. I hope to one day turn this poem into a short book with illustrations.
So, if you are an illustrator, let’s talk.

‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Speak Up/Listen Up’ are the two poems that I’d like to re-write.
And then probably re-write again.
And then probably re-write again.

Some Days’ feels like the first step in the direction I’ve started to go as a writer and poet.

I’ve you haven’t had the chance to listen to ‘All Things’, take a drive and give it a listen.


much love,

tanner olson
written to speak

All Things by Written to Speak



Tanner Olson is a writer, speaker, poet, spoken-word artist, & creator of Written to Speak.
He created Written to Speak to share hope & announce love.