Written to Speak Blog.  Written by Tanner Olson. @writtentospeak

Written to Speak Blog.
Written by Tanner Olson.




Today I turn thirty-years-old. 


To some that is young.
To others I am ancient. 

My sixty-year-old self will one day remind me that thirty is young.
While my twelve-year-old self is pointing out the wrinkles under my eyes saying, “you’re old.

Twelve-year-old me is still poorly misbehaved. 

It’s taken thirty years, but I think I am beginning to get the hang of this whole living thing.
I’m confused, but confident.
I’m lost, but I know I’m found.
I’m asking questions, while holding onto answers.

But I think that’s part of all of this.
This life is full of this and that and we get to be in-between the two. 

Somewhere between the cloudy and clear, stuck in the fog with a light on ahead.
Somewhere between the silence and noise, but holding on to a voice echoing hope.
Somewhere between our questions and answers, but with answers and questions.
Somewhere between what’s behind and what’s ahead, knowing we know something, but we still have much to learn and do and see.

That there is much of this life that has yet to be lived. 

I keep reminding myself to give it time.


There is a lot of life yet to be lived.
There are many dreams that have yet to come to be.
There are countless conversations to be had, poems to be written, questions to be asked, prayers to be prayed, and adventures to be taken.

Between cloudy and clear, give it time.
Between silence and noise, give it time.
Between questions and answers, give it time. 
Between what was and what will be, give it time.

Oh, and I’m learning to celebrate 30, so today everything on my site is 30% off.
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much love,

tanner olson
written to speak


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