When & How


A whisper within the broken, 
a call for freedom stretching toward heaven like fire. 
A smoke signal for help while hands hold together clutching
when and how,
waiting for love to come down. 
A still silhouette of peace on earth,
A Savior's birth;
A live light for such a heavy night, 
A night when hope was found alive.

And I find myself somewhere in between what was and Who is to come. 
Cloudy and clear; weary, but I'm still here. 
Out of words and breath
Yet, full of life from perfect death,
Searching for silence in the chaos and calm, 
While all along waiting. 
And living has never been about me, 
but the arrival of Glory to be seen. 
Hope for man to be revealed once again,
Waiting to count to infinity for eternity,
To be with our Peace who holds our when and how forevermore.

Written in collaboration with The Weary World Rejoices

Tanner Olson