i'll seek and i'll find

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i’ll seek and i’ll find
and i’ll abandon the ordinary
and step into the messy
because sometimes
to live a better story
we have to leave what
we know for the great unknown.
i’ll seek and i’ll find

I don’t think the point of living is to live a good story.

But I also don’t want to live a bad story.

I want to step outside of myself and abandon the comfort zones I’ve created.
I want to get these clean hands messy, filling my fingernails with dirt from all over the world.
I want to abandon my ordinary for more than all I’ve come to know.
I’ll bring with my this faith, this hope, this love, and this trust.

I’ll seek and I’ll find.

And when you step with faith . . .

And when you go with hope . . .

And when you continue with love . . .

And when you travel into the unknown with trust …

I think that when you begin to live a better story.


Tanner Olson is a writer, speaker, and spoken-word poet.
He created Written to Speak to share hope and announce love.