Somewhere is everywhere to someone.
And someone is somewhere to someone else.
And I've been someone somewhere for too long,
And everywhere seems to be where I've been lately.

I'm all over the place, confusing myself as I drift in and out of space,
stretching to put some space between the place I’ve left to leave behind.

Sometimes growth feels like two steps back and sometimes flourishing feels like failing.
And I feel like I'm always falling, complicated and calling trying to take two steps away from failing.

And Something more is out there.
And that’s where I am going.

I'll escape to explore, retreat to restore, be to belong, and reach the other side of all that is going wrong.

I will continue to wander and wonder within all that is His.
To seek the silence in the solitude.
To create in the chaos.
And give grace to the grave places in my life.
I'm beginning to see more clearly.

Like, in all that is heavy there is hope.

And as I go
I will lock hand and hand with knees to the floor, faith to continue, wake to walk through the front door.

I will keep going to arrive.

I'll crawl out from underneath these concrete sheets and step beyond this bed into the uncertain and unknown.

Life is calling and I'm answering and I want to respond with peace in a world shouting dark, cold winds.

I'll sing and lift a sail high and I'll adventure to find out why.

And I’ll reach the other side.

You'll find me beyond the swollen smoke sharing secrets and stories of life and death and what failed to get the best.

You'll find me where it's clear and cloudy with the change I left behind and all my rough draft letters home.

You’ll find me surrounded.

Shoulder to shoulder with the souls who stood close as we stepped together.

We go together to the other side.

Always together.

Never alone.

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