A quiet room.

Tanner will not be bringing a PA or any amplification for this show, so the space must be quiet enough for the audience to hear.


Microphone and Mic Stand.

A simple microphone on a mic stand will get the job done.


Guests arrive, are greeted at the door, and begin to settle in by grabbing seats.

If there is an opener for Tanner, the opener will open the event.

Following the opener, Tanner is introduced by the host and shares poetry, stories, and closes with a Q & A.

Show concludes.

Tanner will sell merchandise before and after the show.

Have something else in mind? Let’s talk about it!

The possibilities are limited but numerous! If you have a great idea that isn’t on this list please share it! We want you, the host, to be as excited about this show as we are!


Openers are welcome for this tour. All openers must be discussed and pre-approved prior to the show. Openers can be fellow poets, singer/songwriters, comedians, talented dogs, and magicians. Magicians are always welcome.

Please keep in mind that the address for the show will be posted on the websites and social media pages of the artists performing, so it will be very public. If this poses a problem please:

A) Find another location where it does not pose a problem.

B) Talk to us about another idea you have and let’s figure it out together.


Promotional resources will be made available in a digital format.

All resources will be made available for download online. It is YOUR responsibility to effectively distribute the materials given. Please take advantage of these resources and exploit them to the fullest extent to ensure maximum attendance potential for the engagement. This should include but is not limited to:

Facebook events, boosted posts, and whatever means of social media you feel is most beneficial for getting the word out

Local supporting act has a strong following and will be expected to promote and sell tickets for the event to friends, family, etc.

Printed flyers and local, in person, word of mouth promotion

As the host, it is your responsibility to take every opportunity to ensure the maximum attendance possible for the event.

Tanner will also be promoting every show the best he can.


Lodging is required for Tanner. He cannot sleep in his car.

Some examples of acceptable accommodations include:

1 Hotel room. This is the number one preferred option.

A home stay with clean, comfortable bed or couch.


If you would like to provide a meal for Tanner, he would be forever grateful. Please keep in mind that he will be traveling on the road for some time and will be in need of a salad.

Every church, school, and organization has a different budget and need when bringing in guests.
Suggested amount is $500.

Please do not let the amount deter you from hosting an event.
Tanner would happy to talk with you more about this.