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Tanner Olson Written to Speak

Are you looking for an engaging and creative speaker for your next event?
Tanner has spoken and presented at conferences, churches, universities, and organizations about various topics and subjects.
He's delivered messages, led break out sessions, shared spoken-word poetry, given creative insight and direction, and taught writing courses.
Tanner blends humor, faith, and wonder as he delivers a memorable message and unforgettable poetry.

Or at least that’s what people have been saying.


"Tanner Olson inspires me on many levels.
Not only does he write; he writes poetry that's honest, inspiring, and sometimes hilariously funny.
Not only does he speak; he speaks words that come from the heart with a sincerity that isn't often seen these days.
Tanner tells it like it is with a truth and wisdom that is beyond his years, and yet in a way that engages audiences of all ages. Creativity is at the heart of it all, and his faith permeates his work."

Tom Eggebrecht
Pastor + Author of '
Fully + Creatively Alive'

“Tanner Olson has been a speaker at Camp Okoboji and at the Iowa District West Senior High Youth Gathering.  He has done an outstanding job! The youth he has inspired through his messages and poetry is amazing.  They have asked me to bring him back! I will definitely do that!
I highly recommend Tanner for any event.”
Lori Gamble, Director of Christian Education
and Ministry Director at Camp Okoboji, Milford, IA.

"In an increasingly technological world, we are longing for human touch.  In his words - spoken and written - Tanner gives us all a human voice. Real. Sincere. Vulnerable.  This is genuine interpersonal communication, with one another and with God.  I’m grateful for Tanner’s voice. "

Jeff Cloeter
Pastor + Author of 'Loved + Sent

"Words have power.
There is real power when someone can put into words
the deep feelings and emotions of people, that is exactly what
Tanner Olson does through Written to Speak.
Tanner is funny, engaging, thoughtful, and most importantly authentic in his spoken word poetry and storytelling.
He is able to engage across generational and cultural lines,
connecting people to our common humanity and Creator.
I am excited to have him come back to share more with our people."

Bobby Walston
Pastor Christ Memorial and Reliant Church

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