Love Poems

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Love Poems by Written to Speak

Love Poems was recorded and mixed by Matthew Doering in Austin, Texas. 
All lyrics written by Tanner Olson
All music by Matthew Doering.
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all words written by tanner olson

Song I Sang.
by Tanner Olson of Written to Speak   

I remember old covered Wisconsin roads with brush off to the side
I stepped over every broken crack,

because part of me still believes the 2nd grade rhyme

that it might break my mother’s back.

Green pines stretched high above,

branches intertwined

Like nervous first date hands,

And below i walked alone

through shadows and sunlight

Hope and heartbreak

Up and down mountains of memories
As i thought of you

Back when the song i sang sounded different then it does today

Something changed
when I left my life of alone
for the great unknown

A holy transformation,
A sacred becoming,
knowing I had to stop, surrender and leave
To see
the beauty found in the song my life was learning to sing.

Stop, surrender, and leave

To see my memories mix with the melody
Thoughts coming through with the rising tune

To finally rest in the resolution

And that’s when I returned to you.

It was always you.

A calm chorus sang

“we’re gonna be okay”

I found harmony by your side

A slow silence, an

unforced rhythm coming forward

toward a promised forever

When i stopped is when i finally found

the secret in the stillness

The answer in the silence

And a forever in the present.

In your presence

I sing

A calm chorus
“we’re gonna be okay”

It was always you.

Her Wild Eyes
by tanner olson of Written to Speak

her wild eyes

looked beyond

the danger within

and saw a love becoming

a love worth uncovering

As if there is

a beginning
in the middle
of our story

a brave fight

to change all we know
to step into the waking

wonder of the


And now

i know.

it’s her patience

that keeps me close

her wild eyes have become a home

she is

as she has always been

my forever hallelujah and amen.

A Poem About the things i love
by Tanner Olson of Written to Speak

I love poems that begin the same way they end

I love full circles,

like returning to where i began, and seeing the leaves turn from green,

to brown, to ground, to green again.


I love basketball, the feel of the ball, the sound of squeaking shoes, but what i love most is how it reminds me of my dad.
How after mowing the lawn we would shoot hoops in the street below the Florida sun, just father and son.

I love the smell of rain and the haunting sight of dark clouds

I love deja vu,

I love deja vu,

And I love food that makes me hurt,

If you listen carefully you can hear the

bells of Taco Bell ringing and my stomach is ready to start singing.

I love feeling home in an empty room

And I love when you text me and I wish you’d do it more

I love when the windows are down and the is music loud

I love black coffee, Ethiopian pour over if you will, but diner coffee will always taste like Saturday mornings at the Townhouse as we’d watch the chickens cross the road.

I love dogs and most days i wish i was one,

I love words and how they can move us and heal us and shake us and shift us and leave us different

I love front porches and rocking chairs and rocking with you without being distracted by our phones.

And I love romantic comedies and i don’t know why and i don’t care if you do or don’t, but do you remember in How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days when we knew what was going to happen but didn’t know how

I liked that.
I love couches that hold you like a baby

And it goes without saying because i’m a breathing human being,

but i love chips and queso.

I love road trips and carpet and IPA’s and that’s all i have to say


i love when we are together.

The heavy loneliness melts away and you’re the light that welcomes me home to stay.
The hands that wrap warmth around, the look in your eyes is a gift that keeps this list long.
And for a moment I’m no longer stressed out or bummed out,
I’m just happy to be here.
With you, i’m just happy to be here.
I love poems that begin the same way they end.



All Spoken Word Poems were written by Tanner Olson of Written to Speak

Written to Speak is a spoken word and writing project that seeks to
spread hope
announce love
through written and spoken word.

Tanner Olson currently resides in Austin, Texas