Launch Team!

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Here’s the deal … I need your help!

Welcome to the Facebook book launch team for I'm All Over the Place
I am truly honored and thrilled that you would even consider joining this team! 

With your help we can share this book all across the world.

If you join the Facebook Launch Team for I’m All Over the Place
you’ll be asked to do a few things:

1 // Buy the Book

Although I cannot buy you a copy of the book, I can send you stickers and handwritten poems!
All you have to do is show me proof that you purchased the book and I'll gladly send you some Written to Speak stickers, hand written poems, and another little surprise!

You can purchase the book here.

2 // Share I’m All Over The Place with the world.
This is huge.
Take photos of the book and share it on Instagram! Tweet the link! Share it on Facebook!
Stand on a street corner with a sign that says “GO BUY I’M ALL OVER THE PLACE ON AMAZON.” That’s a little extreme, but you are welcome to do that.
Sharing this book with your family, friends, and followers will take this book further than I could do by myself.
AND! You can request your local bookstore to bring I’m All Over The Place to their store! All you have to do is ask.

3 // Review I'm All Over The Place on Amazon
This is also huge!
Head over to Amazon and leave a 5-Star Review and a comment for I’m All Over The Place.
This allows more people to see the book and hopefully purchase the book!
If you don’t think the book deserves 5-Stars, well, that’s rude . . .

4 // Pray
This is also huge as well!

It might sound weird to pray for this book, but as many moms have reminded me prayer is powerful.

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