Saturday (poem)


the sun slept in this morning
leaving the rain to wake the day
a different kind of amazing grace
a pitter patter pouring alarm splashing like silence

whatever that means

my legs stretched sore from yesterday’s Friday
weak from carrying a week’s worth of weight
somedays i don’t think i can wait anymore
somedays i don’t think i can carry the weight anymore
veins circulate with leftover hope from forever ago Thursday
reheated from the table on Sunday

and maybe someday i’ll close my eyes and see it all to be clear

to feel the weight of waiting lifted

Wednesday welled up with weakness

a dry river of lost love

memories of messes i’ve made
repetition of regret replaying

the list of wrongs that continues to grow long
offered with a sour aftertaste of Tuesday’s thoughts

that Monday managed to hang flat in front of my face
and if it wasn’t for Sunday,
i’d never had made it to Saturday

the weight of the weak lifted for another week.

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Tanner Olson is a writer, speaker, and spoken-word poet.
He created Written to Speak to share hope and announce love.