Welcome to the other side (EP)


Welcome to the other side


Welcome to the Other Side was never supposed to be created.

The love of writing will never die, but after releasing All Things, my second album, I was ready to be finished with releasing spoken word tracks.

And then I wrote the poem “Side”, the final track on the album and something within me ignited.

The first brick was laid in a new direction.

And it was worth exploring.

Welcome to the Other Side was written while I was facing questions of identity, regret, and direction. Each poem embraces struggle, while trying to hold on to the truth deep within the wrestle.

After writing ‘Side’ I wrote pages of poems, finally whittling it down to a final four to create the five track EP.

1. Welcome

2. To

3. The

4. Other

5. Side

I hope you enjoy the EP. 

If you don't, please don't tell me. 

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Welcome to the Other Side is now available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and Bandcamp.

If you would like to purchase the EP you can do so at Bandcamp or iTunes.

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Welcome to the Other Side was recorded and mixed by Steve Zank.
All the music for Welcome to the Other Side was written and performed by Matthew Doering.

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Listen to past albums 'All Things' and 'honest thoughts.' on Spotify or iTunes